Savoy O. Brown

Everything about me is “easier for others” which is why I love design.

  • Them: “Why do you do this?”…
    • Me: “To make it easier
  • Them: “Why did you change that?”…
    • Me: “People find this easier”.

It’s exactly what I wanted to do for my mom, myself and the world around me, make things easier use design principles. So I developed a plan and designed my life from the start of 7th grade.

Then something tragic happened… Everything spiraled.

After, my mind is buzzing with: “why did this happen?” “how can hardship not happen to anyone else ever again” and “how do I make life pleasing for everyone so stress doesn’t exist”.

These are BIG questions.. I know…

I want to help solve them.

After, the tragedy happened in my life I was invited to be an in-house designer with a crew. But because of what had just happened with myself and my family, my heart wasn’t there. I left my first opportunity. But I learned a lot from them about web design.

A few years down the line I picked up currency trading. My ambitions are big, which means pricey. Being successful at money may allow me to have conversations with others to bring even more capital into this dream of making the world easier for others.

But how do we know if it will be built right if we just pay for the idea… we don’t.

The answer… become a UX/UI master and learn how to build successful digital roads that people enjoy. Then apply the same concepts for others. So now, here I am, to build a beautiful & functional experience For You.

An Image of me working to enjoy life after tragedy. At Mt. Baldy with my partner (left) and friend (right)